The Coast of the Gelsomini
A mild winter, a premature Spring, a medium temperature all year round from the highest point in Europe at the Gelsomini Coast an ideal zone to relax and heal on a vacation in any season of the year. The large sandy beaches and the calmp and enchanting seas offer the possibility to choose a vacation to your liking - dessert/beach like or or water like. The mopuntains, situated near by the coast, rise just a few minutes away from the sea amidst the fresh and cool forests, which encompass some amazing excursions. The richly filled forest proves art and history, the presence of a historical handicraft and folklore still lives in this terrirory, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the intense cultural experience it has to offer.

The Coast of the Gelsomini is the Calabrian coast, situataed in the Reggio Calabria province, surrounded by the Mar Jonio Waters, which stretches from Monasterace to Palizzi, comprised of all of the common factors of a sea(including the Riace Marina) and the Po' river.

The Cultivation of Gelsomini Flowers was a main activity in previous centuries. Until today this typical plant, which is a typical medeteranean variety, grows wildly and it is a symbol of this location.

Where You Can Watch the Morning Go By, when nature wakes up, you can smell it in the air- a rich and intense fragrance, this is due to the Gelsomino spices and smells for everyone is is the "column odor" that acts as a mystical background of the entire location.

Monasterace - Tempio Dorico

Bivongi - S. Giovanni Theresti

Caulonia - Torre Camillari

Roccella J. - Castello

Locri - Centocamere

Gerace - Cattedrale

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