Riace is famous all over the world for the finding (which happened from a subacquatic opening in 1972) of magnificent bronzes (two athletes? two warriors? Or the two bearded sons of Zeus or Apollo) Still the several hypotheses on which are opened were the real personalities which they were bronze inspired bronzes of Riace)

This very special and sunny country is developed into two nuclei with two very different aspects: Marine Riace, located on the splendid coast Jonica and Riace Village, on the hill.

Navy is the typical employment her at this Mediterranean oasis: white houses with women wearing white dresses, blue seas, a lot of greenery, clean air. Truly a paradise. Riace is the ideal place for one to vacation and completely relax and immerse in total nature. What more do you need on a vacation?

The ancient village is surrounded by a large wall, which has a large two-doored entrance. Between the churches (all going back to the Midieval Tomes) are dedicated to S. Nicholas di Bari, Caterina Saint, the SS Cosma and Damiano (whose personal idea was personal pilgrimage from all the world)


July: The Feast of Ginestra
In the times of great economic uneasiness, the ancient peasant communities of Calabria have tried to take advantage of all the resources that nature offered and the ginestra it has represented for a long time was an important contribution to the insufficient productive economy of the region. There wasn't sufficient machinery in Calabria for the men to work. Everey job here used nature with the women at work with scarves on their heads. Their experience and antique values have been passed on from generation to generation. The Calabresi women are the main caretakers of the arts of the working ginestra force. In every festive season, agricultural community of Riacesi reunites with song and spirit in order to collect converts to the ginestra. Under the cooking sun of the Calabrian summer the curvy women put those converts to work. The sweat of the forehead hydrates their dry skin. They rest for a quick meal when the sun is perfectly pointed to Zenith. A vacation to Riace also includes a historic lesson.

September: The Festival of Patrons SS Damiano and Cosma
September: It is the period of the most imposing celebrations of the popular and religious tradition of the Calabria region. An immense crowd comes together in these days in the historic roads of Riace, to exclaim their devotion to the Medici Cosma and Damiano Saints, which leads back to the mythical paths of Castore and Polluce, the divine garden of Locri (on the sides of the Sagras river where a dedication existed during their times). An atmosphere where everyone participates with great religious ferver, which turns into a place of dance, song, prayer, and folklore. An event truly not to be forgotton, which upholds the true colors of the time old tradiotons of Riace.

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